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Langports - Phrasal verbs 1 (one particle)



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live on /

They live on the money her father gives them.
We lived on very little when we first got married.
I can live on my inheritance.
The job provides enough to live on.




If you ______ an amount of money, that is the money that you use to buy the things that you need:


look into /

The government is looking into the problem. 
I must really look into this problem.
I’ll look into the reasons for the decision.


investigate > (ein Problem) anschauen, untersuchen / › to try to find out about something:


look round /

Let's look round the town today.
She spent the afternoon looking around the town.



look at everything > nicht genaues hinschauen / to visit a place and look at the things in it:

make for / Where are you makring for exactly?

go in the direction of

pick on /

My teacher always picking on me.
He gets picked on because he’s small.


choose a person to punish (bestrafen) / › to criticize, annoy, or punish someone repeatedly and unfairly:


run into /

I ran into Sandro in the supermarket yesterday.
I ran into Mike on Seventh Avenue.


› to meet someone by chance:


see about /

We'll have to see about gettING you an office.
You should see about getting your hair cut.

make an arrangement (Abmachung)

see to / Can you see to the dog's food? > Feet the dog…. (less formal)

attend to, take care of