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card2brain Educational

The multi-user licence for your school


  • Admin cockpit with central user and role administration
  • User, role, and group import
  • Delegated student administration
  • Free combination of subscriptions and roles within the maximum number of users
  • Teacher features for all teachers
  • Premium features for all students
  • School sets of flashcards, school library
  • All users create and study an unlimited number of flashcards
  • Ad-free for all users
  • Data sovereignty and data mobility (CSV export)
  • Data storage in Switzerland
  • 1 hour go-live support for the school's admin
  • Payment by invoice
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Costs per user

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Who is the Educational subscription for?

card2brain Educational is the multi-user subscription for public schools and universities without any commercial purpose.
Educational institutions operating on a commercial basis, companies and public administrations subscribe to card2brain Enterprise.
card2brain Educational is designed for institutional use in entire organisations in the context of the education sector.
card2brain Educational is suitable for unlimited use within working groups or classes.

Systems integration

Please get in touch if you would like to integrate card2brain into your IT infrastructure:
  • SWITCHaai login
  • SSO integration into the school's LMS
  • Auto-synchronisation of the school account with the school's user administration
  • Transfer of performance data to the school's LMS

Training courses

Please get in touch for an individual training offer.
We will be pleased to arrange a course at your place.


Your benefits

  • Device-independent learning, online and offline on the mobile
  • Ad-free learning
  • Shared learning with comprehensive collaboration tools
  • Successful and sustainable learning according to the principle of spaced repetition in 5 compartments
  • Central user, role, and group administration
  • Monitoring of group activities and learning progress
  • Private sets of flashcards for protected sharing and collaboration
  • No installation of any software, simple registration process
  • No additional costs for hardware, maintenance and operation
  • Easy ways of integration into your current IT infrastructure
  • Maximum discounts, payment by invoice
  • Further development of the platform according to users' needs
  • Modern approach towards teachers and students
  • Approved by 462,000 users, acceptance guaranteed

Do you have questions concerning the offer?

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card2brain Educational

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