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Langports - Phrasal verbs 1 (one particle)



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come into sth /

Sue came into a large sum of money.
She came into a bit of money when her grandfather died.


If someone comes into money, property, or a title, they receive it as a result of the death of a relation:

inherit (erben)

count on sb /

I'm counting on you to help me.
You can always count on Michael in a crisis.


to be confident that you can depend on someone:


deal with /

How can we deal with traffic problem?
The older drugs didn't deal effectively with the malaria parasite.


to take action to solve a problem > NOT WITH PEOPLE

do without /

We'll have to do without a holiday this year.
There's no mayonnaise left, so you'll just have to do without.


manage without having

get at /

What are you getting at?
You mean I shouldn’t come tonight – is that what you’re getting at?


suggest = imply >> vorschlagen / › to suggest or express something in a way that is not direct or clear:


get over /

Barry has got over his illness now.  
Philipp has got over his lost job.
She’s just getting over the flu.
I can’t get over how short he is (= it surprised me).

recover from / › to return to your usual state of health or happiness after having a bad or unusual experience, or an illness:


go over /

Let's go over our plan once more.
Remember to go over your essay to check for grammar and spelling mistakes.


discuss the details / › to examine or look at something in a careful or detailed way:


join in /

Try to join in the lesson as much as you can.

join in with sth All the members of the interviewing panel joined in with questions.
join in sth The Chairman of the Committee yesterday joined in the criticism.

take part in, contribute to / › to become involved in an activity with other people: