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Unit 8 Englisch

Unit 8 Englisch

Unit 8 Englisch

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It's a TV programme that brings science to ___.


the ordinary people in society who are not leaders of who are considered to be not very well educated

the masses

Her work is very highly ___.


think about sb / sth in a particular way


online software that searches for information and provides Internet users with a list of websites that match the information looked for

search engine

I just need to ___ this week at work and then I’m on holiday.


manage to do or complete sth difficult

get through

I can’t wait to ___ you this weekend. I have so much to tell you.


find out about things that have happened

catch up with

The ___ we lost a lot of money. This time we’ll be successful.


on the first occasion that the same thing happens

first time round

We don't carry a large ___ of pine furniture.


a supply of goods that is available for sale in a shop


I think we need to ___ this problem together.


discuss sth thoroughly, especially in order to reach an agreement or make a decision

talk over