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Nanotechnolgy applications: Watch industry decorative dials

Watch with integrated compass from Richard Mille ITO + AR coating minimum perturbation

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Nanotechnology in Medtech

Exigences de l’optique finale Autoclavable (132°C pour 10-15 Minutes) Etanchéité 4K caméra image sans reflets Résistance mécanique et chimique

Da Vinci Robot

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Industrial applications: Porous nanomaterials, MOFs for water harvesting

MOF water harvester will serve as an instrument to make water a human right available to everyone


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Industrial application: Porous nanomaterials, MOFs for CO2 capture

Swiss company https://climeworks.com/ MOFs are very promising materials MOF Shaping is a very actual challenge

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ndustrial applications; Tribological coatings in cutting tools 

▶ Established and mature technology worldwide ▶ Tribology ▶ Revêtements TiN, TiAlN, AlCrN, DLC hard and wear resistant

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Applied Research at BFH - ALPS

For applications in the field of cutting tools (Microoutils, lead-free brass machining) or watchmaking industry (small surface contacts) there is a need to develop new solutions in order to improve the lifetime and tribological performances of the components. First promising results from a collaboration between the (Berner Fachhochschule) BFH and the (Haute Ecole ARC) HE-ARC, have been obtained on nanotextured carbon thin films by high power pulsed laser.

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Hybrid approach

Step 1: PVD coating with graphite target 500- 1000nm thin film Step 2: Fast Pulsed laser nanotexturing of the coating (100kHz)

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Laser Pulsed Graphite Coating (500nm) on Steel

High power density High pulsing rate (>100kHz) No ablation regime Laser pulses on graphite coating generates nanotexturation with 100nm high pillars…and microchannels in between After Pin‐on‐Disc test with following conditions: 100m with 100Cr6 6mm ball, 2N, v=3,5cm/s …no visible debris and only little wear