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What is Business IT alignment for?

How to use IT to achieve business Objectives

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Name the roles of IT

IT as an



Cost Factor

Contributor to Value Proposition

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Which are Operative Roles of IT (internal) and how does it help the business

- IT as an asset -> tries to raise efficiency (automation)

- IT as a cost factor -> tries to reduce costs

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Which are Strategic Roles of IT (external) and how does it help the business

IT as an enabler -> shape new business models

IT as a contributor to Value Proposition (achieve effectiveness by E-banking or other ways to improve the value

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What are the essential aspects of a business model?

How an organisation creates, delivers and caputres value

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What are the core elements of a Business Model

Value for the customer

Capturing value

Key activites

Resources: specific skills, machines, technology

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What is the right and left side of the model canvas for?

Value Proposition one customer side (right)

How we create the value - efficiency (left)

Center is VP

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Name the elements of the business model canvas

  1. Key Partners,
  2. Key Activites,
  3. Key Resources,
  4. Cost Structure,
  5. Valuie Propositon
  6. Customer Relationship
  7. Channels
  8. Revenue Streams
  9. Customer Segments