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Next, mix the ingredients until they are fully cohesive.
Zusammenhängend, zusammenhaltend
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Excessive humidity causes small dark spots to appear; these become confluent and the whole leaf may become dark and decay.
Zusammenwachsend, zusammenfliessend
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His fall proved on how unsound a basis his system had been built up
Unvernünfigt, ungesund, unvertretbar
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You may be a cop, but you're also an obnoxious slob who's soiling a clean carpet with your discarded body parts.
Widerlich, unausstehlich
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To lay blame on sth

The author lays the blame/responsibility for the state of the environment squarely on the government.
Jemandem die Schuld geben
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To pinpoint

If we had a better description of them it might pinpoint the age of the victim.
lokalisieren, etw. genau bestimmen
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In more serene surroundings perhaps we could come to some understanding and move forward in a mutually peaceful way.
Gelassen, heiter, klar
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To offer an olive branch

He held out an olive branch to the opposition by releasing 42 political prisoners.
something that you say or do in order to show that you want to end a disagreement with someone / Ein Friedensangebot machen