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happening by chance rather than plan

We asked a ... sample fo people for their views.

random (adj)/ randomly (adv), randomize (v)

Satz: random

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person who receives something

... of digital Tv were asked to respond to a questionnaire.

recipient (n)

Satz: Recipients

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to find new people to work in a company, join an organization, do a job etc.

Participants were ... from two cities.

recruit (vb) / recruitment (n)

Satz: recruited

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make smaller

The test numbers were ... to one third.

reduce (vb) / reduction (n)

Satz: reduced

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show something more clearly

The statistics ... a change in people's spending habits.

reflect (vb) / reflection (n)

Satz: reflect

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refuse to accept

His theories were ... by many at the time.

reject (vb) / rejection (n)

Satz: rejected

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the journal is a reliable source of information

Something or someone that is ... can be trusted or believed because they work or behave well in the way you expect.

(un)reliable (adj) / reliability (noun) / rely (on) (vb)

Satz: reliable

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make public

The firm ... information about its latest products.

release (vb)

Satz: released