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The polyvalent vaccines, the are vaccines containing antigens:

Of different serotypes of one pathogen species

Of different pathogen species


Of varying strength of the induction of antibodies

Inducing the synthesis of different classes antibodies

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The allograft rejection appearing a few days to a few months after transplantation, whose main feature is infiltration of mononuclear cells located in the tissues, as well as damage to arterioles and arteries, associated with activation of Th1 CD4+ and Tc CD8+, this should be:

hyperacute rejection

subacute rejection

acute rejection

accelerated rejection

chronic rejection

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Function(s) of B-cells in immune response is/are

production of antibodies

antigen recognition (via BCR)

antigen presentation for T cells

induction of tolerance via B regulatory cells

all of the above-mentioned answers are correct

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Function(s) of T-cells in immune response is/are

immunity against parasites

activation of innate and adoptive immunity

macrophage and neutrophils activation

apoptosis stiumlation and tissue damage

alle of the above are correct

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Common variable immunodeficiency (CVID) is NOT characterized by the statement

this is the most common primary immunodeficiency in the population

the symptoms occur biphasically: at 2-3 and at 20-30 years of age

concomitant increased risk of autoimmunty

concomitant increased risk of tumors

usually observed deficiency in antibodies, especially IgG and IgA

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The term “negative selection of the T cells” means

Disappearance of TCRγδ receptor on T lymphocytes

Diversification of T-cell populations into the CD4+ and CD8+ cells

Elimination of T-cell clones that posses too high affinity for self-antigenicity

Elimination of T cell clones lacking cytokine receptors

Formation of contrasupressor cells

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Th2 cells release following set of cytokines

IL-4, IL-5, IL13, IL-25, IL-31, IL-33

IL-4, IL-5, IL13, TNFα


IL-4, IL-5, IL13, IL-2

IL-4, IL-5, IL13, IL-10, TGFß

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LFA-I molecules (CD11a/CD18) are characterized by

Induced expression on lymphocytes after antigen stimulation

Expression on T-cells, but not B-cells

Structure of so-called, immunoglobulin-like receptors

Defensing-like properties

Selectin-like properties