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What were the two religious movements in the Middle Ages in Englannd? Who won?

Roman Church vs. Irish Church

Roman Church won -> Latin

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Which was the first English poem?

Caedmon's Hymn - Bede

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What are the key features of historical context in the Middle Ages? Name 3

Rise of English as vernacular

Rise of Literature

Printing Press established by William Caxton in 1476

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Who were the key authors in the Middle Ages? Name 3 and their most renown works.

Geoffry Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales

John Gower Confessio Amantis

Bede historia ecclesiastica

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What was special about the Canterbury Tales?

Focus on characters and individual; different characters, voices, genres and styles

innovation of poetic form

It is an estates satire, critisism of society

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What is "Peripeteia"?

What is "Anagnorisis"?

Terms that belong to tragedy

A sudden change of events

The characters remark the sudden change

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What are the changes between Medieval and Early Modern Theater? Name 4

Temporary stages -> fixed playhouses

Amateur writes -> professinal playwrights (Shakespeare, Marlow?

Amateur actors (member of guilds) -> professional actors (no women)

Religious -> non-religious

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What kind of theater is typical for Medieval Drama?

 Mystery plays, Religious and moral,13th Century in vernacular (not latin)

Morality Plays (Everyman) early 15th Century