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Which method(s) can change the HTTP-Header and what is the difference?

response.setIntHeader("key", 7);  ->  Changes existing or creates new header key

response.setHeader("key", "value");  ->  Changes existing or creates new header key

response.addHeader("key", "value");  ->  Adds value to existing or creates new header key

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How can a request be forwarded to another URL from a servlet?


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What happens when a relative URL is passed to the method
for redirecting, starting either with a slash or not?

If it starts with a slash, it will be relative to the container-root.

If not, it will be relative to the original URL.

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What will be the result of redirecting a request,
after the response has already been passed?

An IllegalStateException.

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Where are the following methods declared?

getMethod(), getHeader(), getCookies()


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What does a container take care of?

Networking, lifecycle management, threading, declarative security and JSP support.

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What does the container do, when a user clicks a link, 
that has a URL to a servlet instead of a static page?

  • The container “sees” that the request is for a servlet, so it creates two objects:
    HttpServletResponse and HttpServletRequest.
  • The container finds the correct servlet based on the URL in the request,
    creates a thread for that request and passes the request and response objects to it.
  • The container calls the servlet’s service() method, which automatically calls
    either the doGet() or doPost() method.
  • The doGet() or doPost() method generates the dynamic page
    and adds it to the response object.
  • The thread completes, the container converts the response object into an HTTP response,
    returns it to the client and deletes the request and response objects.
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What is the complete signature of the doGet() method?

public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)