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Whichs steps are necessary to redirect a request
from a specific page to an error page?

Original page, which may cause errors:
<%@ page errorPage=”errorPage.jsp %>

Error Page:
<%@ page isErrorPage=”true %>

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How can all thrown Throwables be set to get redirected to a specific error page
from inside the DD, while specific pages can still override this setting using a directive?


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How can all response status codes "404" be set to get redirected to a specific error page 
from inside the DD, while specific pages can still override this setting using a directive?


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What makes the implicit JSP object "exception" available
and which is the according EL implicit object?

Only a page directive:
<%@ page isErrorPage=”true %>


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How can the exception caused by this scriptlet code:

 <% int x = 10/0; %>

be caught and the text "...caught the exception!" be displayed,
instead of redirecting to an error page?

% int x = 10/0%>
...caught the exception

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How can an exception be caught and displayed inside a JSP,
rather than redirecting to an error page?

<c:catch var=”myException>
...an exception is thrown...

<c:if test=”${myException != null}>

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How can a .tld file with a specific location be mapped to an URI inside the DD?

(no longer required for JSP 2.0)


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Where does the container look for .tld files?

and sub-directories

and sub-directories