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Digital Glossar - all you need to know

Digital Glossar - all you need to know

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What is:

Adaptive Design

Designing multiple layouts for multiple screen sizes. The screen size is detected and then the corresponding design layout is used. 

Explain what means:

A/B testing


Comparing two versions of a web page, content, creative to see which one performs better (measured on click-through-rate or  conversion or ultimately profit). Usually fast cycles: days, not months. When there is more than two versions, this is called
Multivariable testing

Explain what means:

Ad Exchange

An ecosystem through which advertisers, publishers, and networks meet and do business on a unified platform or system. An ad  exchange allows advertisers and publishers to speak the same language in order to exchange data, set prices, and ultimately serve and ad. 

Ad Network is?

A company that serves as a broker between a group of publishers and a group of advertisers. Networks traditionally aggregate publishers and advertisers and handle inventory. Example of Ad networks: Google AdSense, AdBlade

AdSense is a?

 Google tool to manage ad space for publishers

Ad Server is?

The computer or group of computers responsible for the actual serving of creatives to websites, or for making decisions about
what ads will serve. An ad server may also track clicks on ads and other data. Major publishers, networks and advertisers sometimes have their own ad servers

Ad Tag is a:

piece of HTML on a webpage that will contact an ad server and send tracking information to analytics software

AdWords is: 

Google tool for managing paid search ads