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He has a really irregular sleeping ___.


the regular way in which sth happens or is done


All three teams ___ different approaches to the problem.


use a particular manner, way of speaking, expression, etc.


The trees all ___ into one when I take my glasses off.


if the shape or outline of sth blurs, or if sth blurs it, it becomes less clear and sharp


His department will ___ with mine, so we will be working together.


combine or make two or more things combine to form a single thing


The game will be broadcast ____ on TV and radio.


at the same time as sth else


My brother is always ___ my bedroom and leaving his things everywhere – he’s so annoying!


affect sth in a way that you don’t like


I read advice from ___ health experts in the media, but I don’t believe what they say.


used to show that you do not think that the word or phrase that is being used to describe sb / sth is appropriate


I’m hoping that a promotion at work is ___.


very near; soon to come

round the corner