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The causes of reccurent miscarriages can be:

Antiphospholipid syndrome

Genetic mutations in parents

Auto or alloimmunological factors

Anomalies of the uterus

All of the above

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Colposcopy is a medical procedure which aim to visualise

Fallopian tubes


Uterine cavity

Vaginal opening


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Cervical cytooncologic diagnosis are made based on:

Papanicolaou scale

Fischer scale

Bethesa scale

H+ E staining

Schultze scale

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While performing which of the leopolds grips doctor stands facing the patients feet?






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Non stress oxytocin test (NST) checks the influence of:

Uterine contraction on fetal heart rate

Fetal movement on fetal heart rate

Amount of amniotic fluid on fetal heart rate

Mechanical stimulus on fetal heart rate

IV oxytocin on fetal heart rate.

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While preforming colposcopy doctors stains tested organs with :

Boric acid

Lactic acid

Lugol’s iodine


Methylene blue

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Today the earliest that diagnostic amniocenthesis can be performed is after

12 wks

15 wks

18 wks

22 wks

28 wks

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Single most important prediciton factor for genetic disorders, assessed in the 1st trimester is:

Nuchal translucency (NT)

Umbilical artery blood flow (UA)

Ductus venosus blood flow ( DV )

Number of umbilical vessels

Fetal heart rate ( FHR)