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What is included in an organizational chart?

- Information regarding the integration of the positions in the overall structure.

- Information regarding the internal reporting relationships.

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One instrument of the organizational structure is …

- the job description.

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The main problem in developing job descriptions is …

- deciding how much detail is needed.

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An organizational functions diagram is used to illustrate …

- the functional interaction of several jobs.

- the functions of the jobs in completing common tasks

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Flow charts as an organizational instrument …

- provide an overview of the jobs involved in a task.

- can be generated quickly

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A flow chart contains information about the …

- various process steps within production. 

- type of tasks to be performed

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What can a network diagram be used for?

- capacity planning  

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Milestones in the context of network planning are …

- scheduling

- structural planning

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Time buffers mean …

- time reserves.

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Critical path means …

- the total time needed for critical tasks.

- the minimum possible project duration time.

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Capacity planning has to check whether …

- the needed capacity exists

- capacity can be optimally used while still meeting the schedule.

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What does the length of the bar on bar charts mean in schedule planning? 

- duration of individual work processes.

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The substitution principle of an organizations states that the tendency towards general regulation is stronger the greater the …

- repeatability of operational elements.

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A lack of organization exists if …

- too few repeating processes are generally regulated.