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Empfehlungen zur weiteren Diskussion ...

Recommendations for further discussion...

My recommendations for further discussion are a  new marketing strategy, a new product range, and to consider new destinations.

My recommendation for further discussion is to develop a new marketing strategy.

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We must find a solution that is really feasible.

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customer base

Our customer base is declining. We need to take action to stop this trend, therefore we consider to change our marketing strategy.

Our customer base is declining. We need to take action to stop this trend, therefore we are considering changing our marketing strategy.

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hinsichtlich / im Bezug auf

in terms of ...

Due to the food safety regulations, this machine requires additional certificates in terms of food safety and explosion protection.

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Entsorgung (n)

entsorgen (v)

disposal (n)

to dispose of (v)

The disposal of radioactive waste is highly regulated.

It is not allowed to dispose of refuse in the woods

Where can I dispose of my waste?

selten; refuse = verweigern, aber auch Abfall

ausnahme disposable income = verfügbares einkommen


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Mein Sohn und meine Tochter sind drei bzw. fünf Jahre alt.



My son and my daughter are three and five years old, respectively.

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Abhängigkeit oder Vertrauen (n)


Reliance on imports is declining, this must lead to a change in strategy. (Abhängigkeit order Vertrauen)

The country has reduced its reliance on imports. (Abhängigkeit)


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annehmen / übernehmen

assume (verb)

I assume that you are in charge of the project? (annehmen)

The managing director assumed responsibility for the error. (übernehmen)


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humiliate (v)

He humiliated his employees, which is why he got fired.

She was humiliated by her classmate during the last year. Therefore, she wrote a complaint to the principal.



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affection (n)

She showed her affection by bringing many gifts.

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to prosper

The companies should merge their businesses to prosper again.

The emerging countries in southeast asia have a prospering future.

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ausnutzen / ausschöpfen / nutzen


We should all try to exploit our full potential. (ausnutzen)

The market leader exploited his economy of scale to eliminate smaller companies. (nutzen)

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inevitable (adj.)

inevitably (ad. verb)

To find a way around this law was just inevitable. (unvermeidlich)

Getting around this problem was inevitable for the success of the project. (unvermeindlich)

Unfair treatment will inevitably lead to dissatisfaction. (zwangsläufig)

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untersuchen / prüfen / begutachten

to examine

We need to examine this contract very carefully. A mistake in it could lead to a lawsuit.

The embassy will examine my documents for my visa application.

My doctor examined me and I am completely heatlhy.



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This brief is sophisticated. We should get the best people working on it.

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These food safety regulations are compelling for our business.

I had compelling reasons to change my opinion.


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ansprechen / anreiz

to appeal

We have to appeal to new customer groups with our product. (ansprechen)

This uninteresting offer holds no appeal for me. (Anreiz)


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gewidmet / zugeordnet


This book is dedicated to the author's parents. (gewidmet)

This product has a dedicated market to be sold on it. (eigenen Markt)


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gewiss / bestimmt


I am certain you have passed your exams, you worked really hard.


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wegwerfen / entsorgen / ausrangieren


I had to discard my old clothes.

seltener für Müll benutzt

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Boden / Erde


The seeds should be evenly covered with soil.


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erhalten / bekommen

to obtain

Doctors must obtain the patient's consent before treatment. (erhalten)

My aim is to obtain good results in the exam. (bekommen)


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Zustimmung / Einwilligung / Genehmigung 


Doctors must obtain the patient's consent before treatment. (erhalten)

or approval

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successor or follower

The head of the company designated his successor today.


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verbessern / steigern


Our department needs to enhance the collaboration with order SAS locations around the world!

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We need to ensure that there is a course of action if talks fail.

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I heard suspicious noises in the attic.


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überredend / schlagkräftig / überzeugend


He did not want to see the film at first but his wife was very persuasive.

My girlfriend persuaded me to study here.

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He never got the recognition which he had deserved while working for us.