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Present simple Bildung

Aus dem Infinitif des Verbs. Bei "he, she, it" wird ein "s" angehängt:

- My sister lives in London.

- I do not live in Paris.

- Does she work from home?


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Wann nutzt man das simple present?

- for facts, permanent situations, to describe opinions, ideas, likes and dislikes.

- regular actions, hapits and routines

> The sun doesn't go round the earth

> He works there once a month

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Present continuous, Bildung

to be (am, are, is) + Infinitiv + -ing

- i'm havin lunch. He's watching TV.

- She isn't having lunch. We aren't staying there.

- Are you watching  TV? Is she running away?

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Wann nutzt man das Present continuous?

- Actions happening now or around now

- Changes and trends

> I'm doing my homework. We're staying at my mothers's while the builders are repairing the roof of the house.

> Harry's been really ill but he's getting better now.

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Going to, Bildung

am/is/are + going + to + infinitive

- I am going to be late

- We are not going to see them

- Is she going to take the bus?

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Wann nutzt man "going to"?

- Wenn man etwas machen möchte aber es noch nicht organisiert hat.

> I'm going to be a doctor one day

- We plan something in the immediate future.

>I'm not going to stay any longer

-For predicitons based on something we can see now, or that everybody knows.

> We're going to get soaked.

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Will - From, Bildung?

will + the infinitive

- He will come later

- I will not be late

- Will she see ust?

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Wann nutzt man "will"?

For prediction based on our own personal opinion or knowledge

- The rain will stop in a minute (i know it never rains long here)

Probably, certainly, definitely

Immediate decisions (wenn man kurzfristig was entscheidet was nicht geplant war, während dem sprechen)

Offers, promises and warnings (We'll take you to.../I will never do it again/ You'll hurt yourself!)