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What do we say about the Sprint Retrospective?

It is an opportunity for the Scrum Team to inspect itself and create a plan for improvements for the next sprint

It is a time for the Scrum Team to get together, celebrate the successful way they have diligently worked to give the customer added value and then get on with work

It is when the Scrum Master has organised the Company Psychologist to come in and help each team member reflect on how he has performed in developing the product during the sprint

It is when the Product Owner makes sure that Product Backlog items are checked for their priority and corrections made, then communicates them to the Team

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A Product Backlog will only reduce during the sprint because stories are being
worked on and an increment made of stories is being produced. This is:



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Who tracks the work remaining during the sprint and when does it happen?

Scrum Master every day

Product Owner as required and at least for every Sprint Review

Each team member to make sure they know what is going on

Stakeholders because they are losing confidence in the team’s ability to deliver

The development team during the daily scrum

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What do we say about a Sprint backlog item? (select all that apply)

It is owned by the whole team of developers

It is worked on by one of the team with others assisting him

The Business Analyst makes sure it has the right priority

The Product Owner sets the item’s priority and answers questions about it

It is called a user story

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What is the purpose of a Sprint? (select all that apply). It is to:

Incorporate every change that the customer asks for

Produce a working product that conforms to the Definition of Done

Celebrate successes when customer is fully satisfied with the produced increment

Last no longer than 30 days

Be of the same duration as other sprints in the same development effort

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You are a developer working on a 3 kloc (thousand lines of code) unit and have told
your fellow developer that it is now ready for testing. What is this an example of?

Silo thinking and not sharing information

Test First Development

Collaboration the way Scrum says should happen

Demarcation of roles and work that should not cross those lines

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Which option(s) correctly describe a Daily Scrum?
(select all that apply)

It is a planning meeting for the team to work out how they will communicate

A key inspection time boxed event where the team share what each has done

A time boxed event requiring progress over the last 24 hours to be recorded in the e.g. Burn Down Chart before it starts

A time boxed event for the team to synchronise activities and create a plan for the next 24 hours

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What is the likely impact of the Scrum Team only having a Daily Scrum on each 2 nd or
3 rd day instead of every day?
(select all that apply)

The Sprint Plan no longer reflects what is happening

There is a risk the sprint will no longer meet its goal

The team will take longer to understand what impediments they are facing which may make them bigger and therefore harder to resolve

The time taken to update the Burndown chart will increase

Opportunities to inspect and adapt an artefact e.g. the Sprint Backlog, are missed.