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What is a major problem regarding authors in literary periods? Describe.

The problem of the Towering Author

There is one author in a period who is well known and all the other authors are subordinated. Eg Shakespeare

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Why are there literary periods?

Giving a chronological order to the mass of texts, satisfying a profound need of human beings: eliminating chaos

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What is the canon?

Books officialy approved by the church

Texts that are approved by cultural and academic establishements

Or the list of works of one author (Shakespeare canon)

-> Subject to change

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What are gatekeepers?

Gatekeepers are those that influence the canon: literary critics, editors, teachers, booker price committee and so on

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When were the Middle Ages?

ca. 500-1500

Arriving of Anglo-Saxons 499

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What was before and after the Middel Ages?

Before: Ancient Greek and Rome

After: Renaissance, revival of ancient Greek and Rome = Early Modern

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Features of the pre-English days

Celtic Tribes, Roman Colony, Norman Conquest 1066

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Into which three peroids can the English Middle Ages be split? What are the main features of these periods

Old English Period: 499-1066, Beowulf in OE, Bede Histora ecclesiestica gentis anglorum

Anglo-Norman Period: 1066-1250 Romances and legal texts in French, Scientific and theological works in Latin, religious Prose in English Layamons Brut

Late medieval period: 1250-1500 English established as a literary language, Chaucer, Gower