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Where in an URL can the port number be specified and what happens, if omitted?

After the server, starting with a colon.
If omitted, standard port (80 for HTML/webservers) is used.

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How many TCP ports does a server have?

65.536 (16-bit)

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What's a CGI and what does it stand for?

Common gateway interface.
Web server application/script that creates dynamic content and/or saves data to the server,
based on the arguments, and returns it as (static) HTML.

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What's the difference between a Java servlet and a server page,
regarding content of HTML/Java?

A servlet is a Java application(CGI), containing HTML(output via println).
A JSP is a HTML page containing pieces of Java code.

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Which class does a servlet usually extend and which method(s) is/are usually overridden?

Usually extends HttpServlet and overrides
public void doGet or doPost with parameters:
(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response).

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How many identifiers does a Java servlet have?

Filename, DD-name and url-pattern.

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What is a Deployment Descriptor?

An XML-File, which tells the container how to execute servlets/JSPs.

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Which two elements are used inside a Deployment Descriptor to specify a servlet
and which sub-elements do they contain?

servlet-name>...internal name...</servlet-name>
servlet-class>...full class name...</servlet-class>

servlet-name>...internal name...</servlet-name>
url-pattern>...public URL name...</url-pattern>