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What about superhydrophilic surfaces??

2021 no industrial solution to my knowledge…although lots of researches Oil / Water separation, Antifogging, Waste water treatment, Biomedical applications

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Industrial Need Applications 1

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Industrial Need and Applications 2

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Industrial Applications: Defence

 US military reveals 'gecko gloves' that let soldiers scale vertical walls Silicone material moulded into microscopic slanted wedges grip glass, metal, wood and plastic in a similar way to gecko’s feet This allowed researcher Elliot Hawkes, a biomimetics student at Stanford, who weighs 11 stone, to climb a 3.5 metre tall vertical glass wall.

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Industrial applications of Iridescence

Structural color in butterflies: 

Nanostructures can result in structural color light scattering Security features…or chocolate 

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Counterfaiting documents & banknotes


▶ Extremely difficult to counterfeit or simulate ▶ Prominent and attractive appearance, easily catching attention ▶ Next level of banknote design integration by working with print colors and print motifs ▶ Easy to check for the untrained public ▶ Opens up new design possibilities ▶ Particularly suitable for window features ▶ Large palette of color options

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Industrial applications: Watch industry dials and glasses

Some dials from company Blösch (Grenchen)

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Nanotechnolgy applications: Watch industry decorative dials

Some products from company Blösch (Grenchen) Nanotechnolgy applications: Watch industry decorative dials AR SINI bleuté sur géométrie cylindrique Plume Richard Mille avec un mouvement horloger pour sortir la pointe RM S05 Richard Mille, 98’000 CHF pièce