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Roughly how much of the heat energy in the fuel does a reciprocating engine turn into useful work.

 less than one-third

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What does the term constant volume stand for?

The term constant-volume is used to describe the fact that the increase in the temperature and the pressure of the gas inside the cylinder takes place while the volume (ideally) remains the same.

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Name the four strokes of a the Otto cycle:





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When does the intake valve open and close in an Otto cycle?

It opens usually 15° before TDC of induction stroke (so during exhaust stroke)

and closes usually 45° after BDC of induction stroke (so during compression stroke)

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When does the exhaust valve open and close in an Otto cycle?

It opens usually 70° before BDC of exhaust stroke (so during power stroke)

and closes usually 15° after TDC of exhaust stroke (so during intake stroke)

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When is the air-fuel mixture ignited in an Otto cycle?

Usually 30° before TDC during the compression stroke

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Which are the two types of two stroke engines?



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On an inline engine, which cylinder is usually number one?

Cylinder 1 on an inline engine is the cylinder nearest the accessory (anti-propeller) end