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Reason for packaging

Safe transport, freshness, easy transport 

Protection from the outside eviroment ( water,dust and microbes) and damage 

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Material? Erklären 

Packaging can be made from a wide range of materials, some of them are more enviromentallyfriendly than others.

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Advantages, Disadvantages

Ad: easy to handle/ production, transparent, recycable

Disad: evironmentallyunfriendly, migration of plastic ingredients into the product

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Glass vor Nachteile?

Adv: gastight, odourless, easy to clean

Disv: expensiv, high energy, fragile 

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Metall vor und Nachteile?

Adv: tough-stable, heavy, longer shelf life

Disv: can rust, heavy can react with the food 

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Card/paper vornachteile

Adv: cheep, light way, enviromentallyfriendly

Disad: light weicht, flammable, not water resistant 

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Green packaging 

Reusable packaging: such glass bottles, which can be used again.

Recyclable packaging: materials can be used again plastic, card and paper usw

Biogradable: which will easy decompose and disappear into the soil 

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Levels of packaging? 3 

1. Primary packaging: is what the consumer sees at the point of sale.

2.the middle - cardboard Box with a Number of the identical products inside

3. Transit packaging: easier handling during Transfer between factory, distribution centres and retailers