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What is financial reporting?

financial reporting is how a company communicates about financial information with its stakeholders

accountants are trained communicators in business language

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Why do we need financial reporting?

so that we can make decisions based on the financial reports

  • For example, investors require financial reports to

    – make investment decisions; and

    – monitor management performance

    – good performers (companies, projects, managers, etc.) get more capital investment

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Types of financial reporting

  • Depending on the purpose of reporting:

    • -  External reporting

    • -  Internal/management reporting

    • -  Tax reporting

  • Depending on accounting practice:

    • -  Cash flow basis

    • -  Accrual basis

  • Depending on the type of company:

    • -  Proprietorship

    • -  Partnership

    • -  Corporations (publicly traded vs privately held)

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What does financial reporting for public companies?

provides financial information about a company to its external stakeholders (investors, consumers etc.)


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Tell me the most typical things about financial reporting?

- typically done periodically

-follows some reporting standards like swiss gaap fer, IFRS etc. 

-includes financial statements, annual reports, filings with the governemtn and stock exchange

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Which is the regulatory framework in Switzerland?

  • Schweizerische Obligationenrecht, or Swiss Code of Obligations (SCO), is the fundamental commercial law of Switzerland

  • The consolidated financial statements can be prepared following IFRS, US GAAP, or Swiss GAAP FER

  • Publically-traded firms in SIX Swiss Exchange

    - must follow IFRS, US GAAP if traded in main standard

    - may also follow Swiss GAAP FER if traded in domestic standard

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-issued since 1973, most used worldwide by large multinational firms

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  • oldest standard with a history dating back to 1930’s, most complex with dense regulation and stringent enforcement