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How can leadership be defined?

a process of influencing others to more understanding

to influence others in what and how to do things

to facilitate individual and collective efforts

to accomplish shared objectives

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What is the controversy bewteen leadership and management?

leading = an influential relationshuip

leading = an authoritarian relationship

managing = an influential relationship

managing = an authoritarian relationship

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Leaders vs Managers

vision vs goals

change vs maintenance

unique vs copy

take risk vs control risk

long term vs short term

builds relationship vs system/process

coach vs direct

create fans vs have employees

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Name indicators of the leadership effectiveness

high group performance

follower satisfaction

improved group porcesses

career success of the leader

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what are the key variables of a leadership theory?

characteristics of the leader

characteristics of the follower

characteristics of the situation

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What does the trait theory say?

leaders are born

leaders are made

leaders have inherited characteristics/personality

leadership can be created, taught, and learned

great leaders rise when confronted with an appropriate situation

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Which traits may hinder and individuals leadership development?

emotional instability


lack of integrity

poor interpersonal skills

good technical & cognitive skills

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Define the term "Derailing".

McCall and Lombardo identified five key areas that may manifest themselves in individuals who struggle when faced with a leadership challenge. Name the key areas!

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