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What are the building blocks of architecture management?

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What is the role of Governance in EAM

Ensure that good decision are made at the right time and in the right way

- Establishment of guidlines, standards and references

- Integration of EAM Within project life cycles and other organisational processes

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What can Architecture Principles represent in an organisation?

Architecture Principles are Business Rules

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What are the 2 main groups of Archtiecture Rules

Operative & Structural Rules

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What are operative rules used for?

They guid behavior and should be truth but they can be vialoted

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What are structural rules used for?

Define something and cant be violated

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Whats the difference between domain-specific and general purpose modeling languages?

Domain-specific are notation which are defined to model knowledge about a specific domain

General-purpose languages can be used to represent any kind of knowledge

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What are some domain specific modeling language examplex?

BMM, BPMN, Archimate