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CMMN -> When to use?

If the path of execution cannot be predefined & human judgement is required

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What ares CMMN process examples?

Project Management


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Name the elements?

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What kind of Task exist in CMMN

Human task - performed by a case work (Blocking & NonBlocking)

Business Rule Task

Process Task -> trigger a process

Case Task -> call another case

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An exit sentry is how colored?

Solid black diamond

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Sentries descirbe two ways?

On Event


or both

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What is a discretionary task?

The worker can decide wether he or she need the task and appliy it autonomosly

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How do we distinguishing between a declaritive and procedural task?

Procedural specifies how! in a step by step model (BPMN, CMMN)

Declarative specifies what needs to be don -> decision table or rule