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bring up / Can you bring up the radio from downstairs?
etw. (mit)bringen
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brought up / She has brought up two children on her own.
to raise a child, look after 'til adult
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ask after /

Jim asked after you yesterday.
Tell your father I was asking after him.


ask for news of / › to ask for information about someone, especially about their health:


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ask about / Jim asked about you yesterday.

weniger spezifisch als "asked after"

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call for /

I'll call for you at.
He’ll call for you at seven and bring you to the restaurant.


come to your house and collect you = pick off at six / › to go to a place in order to meet someone and travel together to another place:


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call on /

I called on some friends in Plymouth.
I thought we might call on your mother on our way - I've got some magazines for her.

› to visit someone for a short time:


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come across /

Joe came across this old painting in the attic (Dachboden, Estrich).
He came across some of his old love letters in his wife's desk.


to find someone/something by chance (you don't know)

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come down on sb/sth /

He was a very strict teacher who came down hard on bad behaviour.
They're coming down heavily on people for not paying their licence fees.
The authorities plan to come down hard on truancy in future.

to treat someone strictly for bad behaviour / › to punish or criticize a person or activity very strongly: