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5 general principles of a healthy diet

1. Lots of plants

2. Adequate protein

3. Minimally processed foods

4. limited saturated fats, added sugar and sodium 

5. balance

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Mediterranean diet: 

health benefits? 

reduction of relative risk of all-cause mortality & reduced disease risk (CVD, cancer, parkinsons, alzheimers) 

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Study: Mediterranean diet vs. Western diet effects on caloric intake, obesity, metabolism in nonhuman primates: (2)

1. Decreased BMI, insulin, triglycerides, body fat percentage

2. Attention: primates probably have different energy expenditure effect 

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Essential fatty acids: omega 3 (4)

1. ALA (vegetable oils, nuts, seeds)

2. EPA (marine fish, fish oil)

3. DHA (marine fish, fish oil)

4. Antioxidant propterties -> reduction of CVD risk, cancer, cognition, mood, neuroprotection, arthritis 

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Essential fatty acids: omega 6 (4)

1. LA

2. AA

3. inflammatory properties

4. we typically eat too many w6 compared to w3 -> typical mediterranean diet would have a better ratio 

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Putative (angebliche) mechanisms for the effects of ePUFA on body composition: (3)

1. increased thermogenesis -> increased carbohydrate & fat oxidation

2. Increased energy partitioning -> decreased protein oxidation 

3. increased lean mass, decreased fat mass + improved glucose homeostasis 

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Olives & Hydroxytyrosol (HT) (2)

HT: major contributor to various beneficial health effects

Anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic, neuroprotective effects 

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Polyphenols & gut microbiota (2)

- positive effect on gut microbiota composition 

- gut microbiota increases availability of polyphenols