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9.461 x 1015 Meter

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1 AU?

= 1.496 x 1011 Meter

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Definition "star"?

=Large, glowing ball of gas that generates heat an light thgrough nuclear fusion in its core.

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Definition "planet"?

= moderately large object orbiting a star & shining primarily by reflecting light from its star.

According to IAU: Object is a planet if it:

  1. orbits a star
  2. is large enough for its own gravity to make it round
  3. has cleard most other objects from its orbital path
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Definition "Exoplanets"?

= Planet, that:

  1. Orbits a star or stellar remnant
  2. has a mass lower than the mass required for deuterium burning
  3. fulfils the mass/size creria of planetss in the solar system.
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Definition "Moon / Satelite"?

= Object orbiting a planet / one object orbiting another.

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Definition "asteroid"?

= relatively small and rocky object orbiting a star.

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Definition "Comet"?

= relatively small and ice-rich object orbiting a star.