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What's the use of request.getInputStream() and getReader()?

Retrieve large (binary...) content from the body of a POST-request.

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What's the difference between getRemotePort, getServerPort and getLocalPort
from the ServletRequest Interface?

getRemotePort: Obtain the port number of the client from which the request was sent.
getServerPort: Obtain the port number to which the request was originally SENT.
getLocalPort: Obtain the port number on which the request did actually END UP.

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How can a file "myFile.jar", at the root of the web app, 
be retrieved into an InputStream from a Servlet?

InputStream is = getServletContext().getResourceAsStream(“/myFile.jar”);

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Is this valid?

sendRedirect(new URL(“http://www.google.com”));


(Takes only a String!)

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What's the use of the setContentType() method of the ServletResponse Interface?

It tells the browser how to handle the data coming in with the response.

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When will sendRedirect() throw an IllegalStateException?

When the response is already committed.