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Who can change the sprint backlog items during a sprint?

Scrum Master

Development Team


Product Owner

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Whom does the Development Team tell how it intends to work as a self organising
team to accomplish the Sprint Goal and when?

The Project Sponsor right at the start of the project

The scrum master at the beginning of sprint planning

The scrum master and product owner by the end of the sprint planning

The product owner when they realise he has questions about their performance

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You have just been appointed as a replacement Scrum Master on a project that has
been running for 4 months. You have 2 teams, with the first having 2 developers in one city
that is 29 miles distant to a set of 5 developers, and the second team having 3 sets of 3
developers each in a different room in adjacent buildings. What criteria must you apply for
each team to follow? (select all that apply)

There is a single Product Backlog

Both teams work to the same Sprint Backlog

There is a single Product Owner

Both teams report to the single Product Owner

Each team can help the other team with any team building issues