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What is Apache Tomcat?

A container, which can execute Java servlets and server pages.

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Which three key elements does a HTTP request stream contain?

  • HTTP method
  • Resource URL
  • Form parameters
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Which three key elements does a HTTP response stream contain?

  • Status code
  • content (MIME) type
  • content
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What's the main purpose of the HTTP GET-method?

Request a resource from the server.

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What's the main purpose of the HTTP POST-method?

Request a resource while transmitting form data.

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How can data be transmitted using the HTTP GET-method
and what are the two main drawbacks, compared to POST?

By appending parameters to the request URL, starting with a ?(question mark), separated by a &(ampersand).

Drawbacks: Amount of characters is limited and data is exposed in the browser bar.

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Of which elements do HTTP GET- and POST-requests consist?

GET: Request line, request header. (no body!)

POST: Request line, request header, message body.

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Of which elements does an HTTP response consist?

Header and body.