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What is card2brain?

card2brain is a digital flashcard platform. With card2brain you create, learn and share flashcards with friends. You have free access to 12,377,708 existing flashcards from other users, you can download quality-checked flashcard decks from professional publishers in the store and and learn on the go with the card2brain app.

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card2brain features – flashcards go digital!


Your feedback counts! Since the first release of card2brain, we have consistently focused on the user-driven development of the flashcard platform: After the web app, the mobile app, 3 question types, different upload options, formatting functions and a multitude of other features – such as adding co-authors, learning backwards or text-to-speech – have been added to the feature matrix since 2010.

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Mobile learning using card2brain's mobile app for Android and iOS

Mobile learning

How does it work? Download the free card2brain app from the App Store or Google Play and log in just as you would on the web. Once logged in, your groups and flashcards are synchronized to your mobile. Thanks to the cloud, flashcards and learning progress are always up to date everywhere - at home on your desktop, at school on your laptop, on the road on your smartphone or tablet.

Sustainable learning according to Sebastian Leitner's \

Spaced repetition

You learn according to the scientifically recognized spaced repetition system by Sebastian Leitner. You start with all the flashcards in the 1st compartment of the learning box. Correctly answered questions move forward to the next compartment, incorrectly answered questions move back to the 1st.

The flashcards in the 1st compartment are reviewed each round, the flashcards in the 2nd compartment every 2nd round, the flashcards in the 3rd compartment every 3rd round and so on. Once all flashcards are in compartment no. 5, this means that you really master your subject matter. Successful exams guaranteed!

Why don't you register for a free BASIC account, choose a set of public flashcards in the library and just give it a try.

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Shared work card2brain – save time and collaborate with others to create flashcards for yourself or your students

Sharing work

No matter if it's school, university or job - work shared is work halved! That's why card2brain lets you import content from other programs, share your flashcards with friends, invite co-authors, and organize your shares in groups.

All subscriptions and features at a glance
Information on the use of card2brain flashcards for teachers

card2brain for teachers

Especially for teachers we have developed the TEACHER subscription.

With 2 or more subscriptions you get a 20% discount or you benefit from our EDUCATIONAL plan with additional advantages for unlimited and ad-free use in your class, the whole school or a department of it.

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card2brain community – benefit from a wide range of already published flashcards and share your own flashcards with other users

The card2brain community

Most of the public flashcards in the library of card2brain, which are freely available for all registered users, have been created by pupils, students and teachers who have given their cards to the card2brain community for learning.

In addition, schools, companies, publishers and associations publish freely available flashcard decks at card2brain under their name and seal of quality. There are a total of 12,377,708 public flashcards. There is certainly something for you!

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Information on the possibilities of using card2brain as a corporate, publishing or education partner

card2brain for organizations

Please get in touch with us, if you are a school, company, publisher or association and would like to ...

  • publish public flashcards in the card2brain library under the name and seal of quality of your organization.
  • distribute or sell private flashcards via the card2brain infrastructure under the name and seal of quality of your organization.

We are happy to advise you and are sure to have the right offer for you.