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How do aircraft normally land/take-off?

into the wind

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What has to be taken into account when surface wind conditions are "light and variable"?

wind at 2000 ft
possibility of wind shear

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What if a pilot request the use of another runway than the rwy in use?

- he may face delay
- permission may be deferred until traffic situation permits

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What factors are taken into consideration when choosing a runway in use?

- number + type of aircraft programmed for airport (aerodrome traffic circuit)
- length of runway(s)
- weather conditions (present and forecast)
- availability of approach aids in poor visibility conditions
- location of other aircraft
- taxiing distances, including availability of taxiways
- runway surface and braking conditions

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What are possible reasons for selecting/changing a runway?

- CB on approach/climb-out
- pilots request
- equipment serviceability
- noise restrictions
- runway maintenance
- sun low in the sky 
- wind shear
- local geography
- seperate runways for arrivals/departures
- aircraft types
- wind
- visibility / RVR
- adjacent aerodromes (conflicting circuits or procedures)
- time of day (traffic direction)
- blocked runway
- to expedite traffic

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What are the advanteges/disadvanteges of headwind and tailwind?

- lower GND speed required
- reduced GND roll
- arrivals / departures steeper (to clear obstacles)
- lower power requirement for same IAS

- higher GND speed required
- increased GND roll
- shallower approach at normal rate
- more susceptible to turbulence, gusts, speed variations
- higher power requirement for same IAS
- less safety margin

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What's important when choosing a runway in use with tailwind component (what has to be done)?

Include word "tailwind" in wind statement with landing clearance:

"...tailwind 230 degrees 5 knots, ..."

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What are possible crosswind problems?

- un-stabilized approaches
- flight control saturation
- pilot induced oscillation
- loss of situational awareness
- fatigue
- localizer overshoot
- overruns
- short/hard landings
- wingtip/pod strikes
- tail strikes
- landing gear fatigue