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What is required to play QuickTime movies from Pro Tools out of the computer's FireWire port? How would you enable this in Pro Tools?

  1. You will need a qualifying DC transcoder and a Mac. Options > Video out FireWire
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What is the name of the dialog box that you use to label, format, map, and edit signal paths?

  1. I/O Setup
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What are some options for modifying or editing a fade shape in the Fades dialog box? What are some options for editing fades on a track playlist?

  1. Out/ In Shape (Standard, S-Curve ,Present Curves) and Slope. Delete, Change length of a fade.
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How would you go about selecting a range of MIDI notes using the on-screen keyboard?

  1. Click key at one end of the range and shift click on another key
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When is it necessary to apply Dither? Where should you insert a dither plug-in?

Needed when Down Converting from 24 Bit (to 16 / 20 Bit); Dither placed on Master as last Insert

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What is a signal path? What is the difference between a main path and a sub-path?

  1. A signal path is a logical, named grouping of multible inputs, outputs, or busses based on a specific channel format

Main Path: Logical groupings of inputs, inserts, or busses. (For example Out 1-2: stereo bus mapped to the main hardware outputs)

Sub-Path: Represents a signal within a main path. Stereo input: Two mono sub-paths (left and right)

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What is the name of the feature that lets you use a MIDI controller to enter notes individually, one step at a time? Do tracks need to be record-enabled to use this feature?

  1. MIDI Step Input, No
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How can you easily route an output or send signal to another track in Pro Tools? Describe what happens when you use this option to route a send to an existing Aux Input track.

  1. 1.) Click on the Output or Send selector on the source track

2.) Select Track from the pop up menu and choose the desired destination track from the submenu

A bus will be assigned, routing the signal from the output or send of the source track to the input of the destination track