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1.  What action triggers the credit limit determination in SAP Sales Cloud?

Start involved party determinations.

Save quote.

Calculate pricing.

Request external pricing.

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2. You need to change access to a work center for several users to read-only. Which setting do you use to apply restriction rules?

Any field of the business object

A scoping question

Code list restrictions

The access context

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3. When using data migration templates for the initial load, which activities are part of the migration process? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.

Align data fields with input fields.

Find and fix errors in the data file.

Upload data from the template file.

Realign territory data.

Export data to a local file.

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4. What type of confirmation is received for an availability check when you use the Request External Pricing option from SAP Sales Cloud?

Semi-binding confirmation

Future confirmation

Binding confirmation

Non-binding confirmation

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5. A bill of materials was triggered from SAP Sales Cloud using the Request External Pricing option. Where can the pricing and quantity be edited?

In the quotation header

In the parent item only

In the child item only

In both the parent item and the child item

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6. What happens during the lead aging notification process? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

The manager of the sales representative receives the notification.

The sales representative of the lead receives the notification.

A new high-priority notification is triggered after the first notification expires.

By default, the priority for the notification is set to high.

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7. From which workcenter in the test tenant can you request a production tenant? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

Administrator workcenter

Data Protection and Privacy workcenter

Service Control workcenter

Business Configuration workcenter

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8. How do you restrict the list of accounts for a territory realignment run?

Flag relevant accounts within the master data view.

Define a selection for the Account Selection report.

Select accounts using nested decision tables.

Select accounts manually from a list in the wizard.