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Which of the following is not a side effect of the cholonireceptor blocker (Atropine)?





A) Increased pulse

B) Urinary retention

C) Constipation

D) Mydriasis

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I am an immunouppressive drug used to control host-versus-graft rejection of transplanted organs. Renal toxicity is my primary problem. I am commonly assayed be chromatographic techniques using whole blood as the specimen. Who am I?


A) Cyclosporine

B) Carbamazepine

C) Tacrolimus

D) any of the above

E) either A or C

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Which of the following is not a side effect of the diuretics (loop diuretics)?




A) Alkalosis

B) nausea

C) hypotension

D) potassium deficits

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Factors altering drug response in children and infants include which of the following?


A) Slower gastric emptying

B) greater surface area

C) less protein binding

D) decreased body water content

E) less cutaneous fat

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What is the purpose for the determination of serum concentrations of the antineoplastic drug methootrexate?




A) To ensure that serum concentartions are in the therapeutic range

B) to ensure that serum concentrations are not in the toxic range

C) to determine the amount of leucovorin needed to halt methotrexate action

D) all of the above

E) only A and C

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Which of the following represents a pharmacokinetic phase?

A) Absorption

B) distribution

C) administration

D) metabolism

E) excretion

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Each of the following statements regarding the safety of medications used by geriatric patients is correct EXCEPT:

A) Amantadine exretion depends on renal function and can cause confusion and falls... if the dose is not adjusted for renal dysfunction

B) Benzodiazepines have a large lipid volume of distribution and are therefore relatively safe to use in geriatric patients

C) Chlorpropamide can cause hypoglycemia from prolonged action and is not safe to... use in elderly patients

D) Meperidine and its metabolite normeperidine can potentially cause seizures in older patients and so should be used sparingly in the elderly

E) Metronidazole generally can be safely administered to older patients without... alteration

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Which is the most effective method of managing polypharmacy?



A) Use a brown-bag review of medications at each office visit, to ensure an ... med list

B) Limit your patients' medication list to no more than 4 medicines

C) Regularly assess patient adherence to the medication regimen

D) A and C