TEACHER subscription

The card2brain TEACHER subscription is perfect for teachers. You can create flashcards and groups for or together with your students and add them to your flashcard sets in their capacity as fellow learners or co-authors.

Your students can register for our free BASIC offer on our website, download the mobile app and synchronise their groups with your smartphone or tablet. The learning progress achieved by means of the 5-compartment system on your computer and your mobile phone is graphically displayed in the group view.

Are you interested? In this case – off we go! During the first 30 days after registration you will be able to explore all the features included the TEACHER subscription for free. And don’t worry: If you don't renew the free trial subscription, your account will be automatically reset to the cost-free BASIC version.

Information for teachers and training officers on how best to use the card2brain flashcard platform.
Order subscriptions for you and your class and benefit from a 20% group discount.

20% group discount

If you take out multiple TEACHER subscriptions for yourself and your teacher colleagues, you will get a 20% group discount. With the group discount, you’ll benefit from the following option: Instead of paying for the subscriptions yourself, you can e-mail the payment link to your superior. He or she can then use the payment link to complete the purchase by using one of the school’s or company's bank cards (credit card, PostFinance Card etc.).

How does it work? Enter the number of TEACHER subscriptions you want to purchase in the order form. Then press the button “Someone else pays the bill” instead of pressing “Buy now”.

EDUCATIONAL subscription

The card2brain EDUCATIONAL subscription represents the multi-user licence for schools. The smallest “EDU licence” for 30 users is often deployed in schools (1 teacher + a maximum of 29 students). Basically, it is the number of teachers and students involved that determines the choice of quota for the EDUCATIONAL subscription.

How does it differ from the TEACHER SUBCRIPTION? When purchasing the EDUCATIONAL subscription, students get promoted to Premium status for only ≤ USD 4.35 instead of USD 19.00. Teachers benefit from TEACHER subscription status for the same budget price per user/year. This option is free of ads and limitations that apply to individual subscriptions.

You can check out our EDUCATIONAL subscription without obligation. Once you have created a school account, we will get in touch with you and give you a free introduction to the topic on the phone.

Information on the EDUCATIONAL subscription available on the card2brain flashcard platform.
Get help and support on how to use the card2brain flashcard platform.

Help, feedback, training & support

The info section provides you with a lot of information about card2brain’s core features and our numerous offers. Just press the HELP button on the bottom left to activate one of our click tours that will give you a step-by-step introduction to the most important features. Moreover, you will find valuable tips and specific teaching ideas in our blog.

Yet, if you get stuck, please feel free to write us. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Of course, we would also be happy to pay a visit to your school and give you an introduction to card2brain. Are you interested? In that case, get in touch with us and ask for a non-binding training offer.