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Fenster schliessen

advantages of stochastical models compared to other approaches considering filling in missing observations?

robust, uncertainities....

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what methods do we know for filling in missing data?

classical: station average, normal-ratio, inverse distance


time series analysis

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what can stochastic models be used for?

filling in missing data

rainfall disaggregation

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name stochastic models for rainfall disaggregation

scaling-stochastic model -> cascade model (micro-/canoncial, un-/bounded)

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which saturation process is best to describe a small saturated area in a catchment?

dune, saturation excess

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what is the difference between horton and dune infiltratin mechanisms?

horton: runoff, even when the soil is not saturated, infitration excess runoff

dune: saturation from below, saturation excess runoff

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what parameters are needed for horton and dune runoff mechanisms?

horton: P, fc

dune: Scap -> is a function of Zsoil, θsat and θr

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what is rainfall disaggregation?

to do