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What information should you pass to arriving aircraft?

- runway-in-use
- current met info (unless included in ATIS)
- runway conditions
- changes in operational status of visual/non-visual aids, essential for approach and landing

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Which information do you have to transmit ANYWAY to aircrafts (even if in ATIS)? (APP responsible, mostly delegated to TWR)

RVR and altimeter setting (at least once during approach)
QNH, when first descending below transition level
surface wind (included in landing, t/g or go-around clearance)

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What if acft acknowledges no longer current ATIS?

transmit all elements which need update

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What are the duties of APP in respect of ATIS?

- transmit elements which need update if acft reports no longer current ATIS

- inform unit responsible (usually tower) of significant changes 

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Who will normally issue initial clearance for arriving aircraft and how?

ACC, normally via the appropriate STAR

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What does APP have to do on initial contact with arriving aircraft?

Amend clearance issued by ACC as necessary and inform about type of approach to be expected.

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What if no STAR published?

Describe full route to be flown by arriving aircraft.

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Do NOT clear an IFR flight on initial approach below the appropriate minimum altitude (MFA), unless.....? (4)

- acft is conducting visual approach
- position positively determined by radar
- pilot reported passed point defined by radio aid
- pilot reports aerodrome in sight and maintaining in sight