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1. Diabetic complications in a patient with diabetes include:

  1. Hashimoto’s disease
  2. Retinopathy
  3. MI
  4. celiac disease
  5. Neuropathy
  6. Charcot’s foot
  7. Chopart’s foot

2. Small lung cancer carcinoma

3. Treatment of a patient with hemoptysis in the course of a lung cancer includes:

4. Pneumonia caused by anaerobes:

5. Thrombocythemia may occur in all of the listed diseases except for:

6. Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) - indicate the false sentence

7. An indication for urgent commencement of dialysis is:

8. If symptoms of dysfunction of the right ventricle or myocardial damage markers without shock and hypotonia are found in a patient we may diagnose: