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What does CLIL mean?

content language integrated learning
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What is meant by fossilisation?

continuously doing certain mistakes without progress
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How does the fossilisation relate to the learner's interlanguage?

The learner might think that he doesn't need a better competence in that language, as it is good enough.

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What does the learnability hypothesis tell us about the sequencing of grammar learning??

You must learn certain things in the right order. Which means that you have to know A, before you learn B.

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What does CEFR mean?

Common European Framework for Languages
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What does CLT mean?

communicative language teaching
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What does TBL mean?

task-based language teaching
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Relationship CLT to TBL.

"CLT is a broad, philosophical approach to the language curriculum that draws on theory and research in linguistics, anthropology, psychology and sociology. [...] Task-based language teaching represents a realization of this philosophy at the level of syllabus design and methodology." (Nunan, 2004: 10)