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What are the two types of intelligence?

  1. Fluid inteligence
  2. Crystallized intelligence
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Why spaced practice works better than mass practice?

Space practice forces effortful retrieval and allow consolidation between practices.

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What is the difference between fixed-mindset and growth mindset in terms of goal setting?

Fixed mindset set performance goal.

Growth mindset set learning goal.

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Why do massed practice is usually preferred than spaced practice by students?
The rapid gain of massed practice is evident, but the rapid forgetting that follows is not.
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How do you help example learners to extract the underlying principles instead of memorizing the example?

Ask them to compare multiple examples instead of studying one example at a time.

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Thinking occurs when you ____.

combine information (from the environment and long-term memory) in new way

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What are the four ways that background knowledge is important to reading comprehension?

  1. It provides vocabulary
  2. It allows you to bridge logical gaps that writer leave
  3. It allows chunking, which increases room in working memory and thereby makes it easier to tie ideas together
  4. It guides the interpretation of ambiguous sentences.
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What are the 4 ways that knowledge is important to expertise?

  1. Knowledge helps you understand.
  2. Knowledge helps you to use memory instead of thinking, which is more brainpower-exhausting.
  3. Knowledge is the basis for you to think
  4. Knowledge helps you remember more.