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What ICAO Annex 11 Recomendation exists about FIR?

- delineation of airspace should be related to the nature of route structure rather than to national boundaries

- boundaries preferable as straight lines (data exchange)

- if national boundaries -> transfer points (doesn't matter if inside or outside)

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What ICAO Annex 11 Standard exists about FIR?

- FIR shall cover all route structure to be served

- FIR shall cover all airspace (exception: UIR)

- vertical limit FIR/UIR = VFR level

- procedures may differ within FIR/UIR

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What are the FIR/UIR boundaries in Switzerland?

FIR: GND - FL195

UIR: FL195 - FL660

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How does the ICAO Airspace Structure look like?

form GND to top:

uncontrolled airspace - CTR - FIR with CTAs - UIR with UTA

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According to what are airspaces classified?

ATS and flight rules

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List the different services provided (from highest to lowest)

- ATC (Air Traffic Control Service)
- ADVS (Advisory Service)
- TI (Traffic Information)
- FIS (Flight Information Service)
- ALRS (Alerting Service)

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Which airspaces are controlled, which uncontrolled?

controlled: A, B, C, D, E

uncontrolled: F, G

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What points are given with the airspace class?

VMC Minima
Speed Limit