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absolute advantage n
the ability of a country, company or region to produce a good or service more cheaply than another. //// Sipal Partners approach to production is an absolute advantage when it comes to the customers' buying decision.
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accounting profit n
a company's total earnings //// Daimler said it booked a non-cash accounting profit of 1.67 billion euros attributable to shareholders.
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ad/advert/ advertisement n
a notice, picture or film that tries to persuade people to buy a product or service //// I placed/put an advertisement in the local paper to sell my car. * to answer/reply to an advertisement * a banner/display/Internet ad * to place an ad * a want (also classified) ad
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adopter n
a person who starts using new technology before or after most other people //// The tough part about being an early-stage adopter is the high price involved in being ahead of the pack. * early/late adopter of
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advertise v
to tell the public about a product or service in order to sell it //// They no longer advertise alcohol or cigarettes at sporting events. * to advertise (something) on television/in a newspaper, etc.
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advertising n
the business of telling the public about a product or service in order to sell it //// Advertising takes up 10 % of our total budget. *an advertising budget * direct mail advertising * international/customized advertising * word-of-mouth advertising
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agency n
a business that provides a particular service for other businesses or organizations //// She was asked to join the agency as one of the first agents in the company's newly opened New York City office. * an advertising/rating/publicity agency
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agent n
a person who acts for or manages the affairs of other people in business //// Please contact the agents and distributors. * a press agent * to sell as sole agent