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Ten Tasks for economic leaders


  1. measure right things and set right targets
  2. Align incentives (regulations, taxes) to support better outcomes
  3. Drive socially-useful innovation


  1. Ensure capital acts for LT
  2. Price Capital acc. to true costs of activities
  3. Innovate financial structures to better serve S business (society's interests)


  1. Align org. purpose, strategy and business models
  2. set evidence based targets, measure and be transparent
  3. Embed  S in practices and decisions
  4. Engage, collaborate and advocate change
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3 main drivers from business perspective

1) Tax unfavorable impacts

2) Regulatory interventions of pricing mechanism

3) Increase transparency

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CISL condensation of SDGs

outer ring REC: Resource security, Healthy Ecosystems, Climate stability

Inner (human) (Basic Wow). Basic Needs, Wellbeing, Decent work


Finance, business, government

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10 years plan byCISL

The vision of the plan is to lift and tilt the playing field for business such that, over time, the economy generates positive outcomes for people within safe environmental limits

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Rewiring the Economy is a catalyst for change, requiring extensive and diverse collaboration over the next decade to deliver its aims



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Public procurement, service delivery, planning policy, education, research funding, innovation support and other levers of industrial (and infrastructure) policy can all be harnessed to enhance ‘public goods’ such as living conditions, employment, public space and environmental quality


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Sustainability leadership model

Leadership Context

  • External
  • Internal

Individual Leader

  • Traits
  • Styles
  • Skills
  • Knowledge

Leadership Actions

  • Internal (informed decisions, strategic direction, mgt incentives, accountability, empowerment...)
  • External (partnerships, S products, S awareness, Stakeholder transparency)
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simple deffinition of S Leadership

A sustainability leader is someone who inspires and supports action towards a better world