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A Development Team asks their Product Owner to re-order the Product Backlog. The team is waiting for an external supplier to deliver a specific software component. Without that component there won't be enough work in the next Sprint to occupy the full team. The Product Owner asks the Scrum Master for help. What would be good advice to give the Product Owner?

Tell the Product Owner that his primary concern is the flow of value reflected in the ordering of the Product Backlog.

Tell the Product Owner to re-order the Product Backlog so the work involving the external component can be planned in a separate sprint.

Tell the Product Owner that the Product Backlog should be ordered to maximize utilization of the Development Team.

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A Development Team is required to deliver a done Increment by the end of a Sprint. Select two statements that explain what 'done' means.

Whatever the Product Owner defines as quality

Ready for integration

No work left from the definition of "Done"

All work the Development Team is willing to do

All work to create software that is ready to be released to end users

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A done increment is valuable if...

It is like to increase customer satisfaction.

It meets the business analyst's specifications.

It is delivered when the product owner expected it.

It has all the features that the product owner wanted in that sprint.

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A first Sprint can start before the Product Owner has a complete and exhaustive Product Backlog in place.



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A member of the Development Team takes the Scrum Master aside to express his concerns about data security issues. What should the Scrum Master do?

Go check with the testers.

Create a Product Backlog item for security.

Add security to the definition of "Done'.

Ask the person to share the issue with the team as soon as possible.

Tell the Product Owner to stop further development of features until the issues are fixed.

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A new developer Is having continuing conflicts with existing Development Team members and creating a hostile environment. If necessary, who is responsible for removing the team member?

The Scrum Master is responsible, because he/she removes Impediments.

The hiring manager is responsible, because he/she hired the developer.

The Product Owner is responsible, because he/she controls the return on investment (ROI).

The Development Team is responsible, and may need help from the Scrum Master.

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A product Increment must be released to production at the end of each Sprint.



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A Product Owner can measure success by an increase in the team's velocity.