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Transport System Actors

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Transport Purposes

  • Work
  • Education
  • Shopping
  • Business
  • Delivery
  • Tourism
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Transport Purpose Characteristics

Timing characteristics: Concentrated/Peak, Dispersed, work days, working hours, dispersed/holiday

Spatial characteristics: Bundled, dispersed

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= Public Private Partnership

Company formed by state and private actors to provide and/or operate infrastructure and services.

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Vehicle Guidance: Track-based or independent

Independent (Track-less):
- Wheels move on broad smooth surface (eg. street)
- Vehicle moves freely in two dimensions

Track based:
- Wheels move on narrow horizontal surface ("track")
- Vehicle moves only along the track

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Physical infrastructure providing both vertical support and horizontal guidance.

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Swiss Public Transport Definitions

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Building Blocks of Public Transport

- Routes

- Stations

- Rolling stocks (vehicles)